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We sell yarn doll kits so that children and adults can spend quality time together learning and having fun.  Children learn about our country's past while enjoying the pride that comes from knowing they made something themselves.  Even if you don't have a child, these dolls are a charming country decor accent.

The doll kits are for sale in various museum stores around the country, or they can be ordered through this website. 

We try to make the dolls as authentic as we can.  For that reason, the dolls have no faces.  Pioneer children were lucky to have toys at all, and they were usually made out of scraps of wood, fabric, or some other material that they couldn't find a better use for.  The reason that yarn dolls traditionally had no faces is unclear, but one could guess that the pioneers spent so much effort on survival that there wasn't time for such frivilous details. 

WHAT IS INCLUDED:  Everything you need to make the doll shown in the picture is provided in the kit, except for scissors and pins or tape that will hold the pattern in place on the fabric.  Also, we suggest you use a regular needle and thread or a dot of super glue to attach the buttons to those dolls that have them because the needle and yarn that come with the kit are too large for the button holes.  Otherwise, all materials are provided in the kit.  Contents include body yarn, hair yarn, sewing yarn, blunt needle, all fabric for the clothing, ribbon, illustrations, instructions, and patterns.  Some things that are also included with certain dolls are hats; fishing poles with line, hook, and "worm;" buttons; shawls; bandanas; flag and pole; lasso; etc.  The accessories that come with each particular doll are shown in the doll's picture.

AGE:  If a child is old enough to braid, she or he can make our yarn dolls with minimal adult supervision.

TO ORDER:  Each doll kit is $10.00, and the shipping is free!  By the time you bought a skein of yarn for the body and one for the hair, a package of needles, fabric, and a spool of ribbon, you would have spent virtually as much as the kit costs, and you wouldn't have any instructions, patterns, or accessories.  Place your order by specifying which doll(s) you want in an email by going to our "Contact Us" page.  We accept payment through Pay Pal.  Please contact us to arrange some other form of payment.

MERCHANTS:  If you are a merchant wishing to make a wholesale purchase, please read the details on our Shopping page, or use the Contact Us tab at left to send us an email.


So slow down, get cozy with your kid, and step back into a simpler time.